About Us

Your Child’s Unique Journey through Life Is One to Celebrate and Protect

We provide high-quality early learning childcare environments that foster positive, respectful relationships. By including time, space and opportunity for early learning and development and the practice of new skills, we nurture children’s sense of self-discovery and potential, which affords them with the building blocks for Great Beginnings and bright futures.

Girl Magnifying GlassChild Focused Learning through Play

Our “Emergent Curriculum” is Reggio Emilia influenced, providing rich opportunities for early learning that best occurs when children and Educators collaborate. Environments based on children’s interests deepen real opportunities for children to play for pleasure and within that play children practice what they have already learned, building on knowledge and skills, as established by Jean Piaget.

The First Years of a Child’s Life Are a Time of Discovery, Joy and Wonder

Early childhood lays the foundation on which a child’s potential is built, providing a basis for learning for life. It is the clay of which a child’s potential is crafted and by providing a learning environment that is rich with opportunity and support we encourage the development of their identity, connectedness to others, wellbeing and resilience, nurturing competent and capable children.

Your Child’s Inner Circle

The Adults who share a child’s everyday life can provide Educators with unique insights into their development. We actively encourage them to participate in the development of quality learning environments by accessing their intimate knowledge of the child’s abilities, interests and strengths through stories and feedback from home.

Child Care Centres Throughout Australia

Providing quality childcare in quality spaces is what we are about. Staffed by people who really care and are ready to provide your child with the best start in life. Find the early learning childhood centre near you.

Our Relationship with You

Maintaining a positive and open relationship based on mutual trust and respect with you is at the heart of what we do. By collaboratively accessing links to community organisations and services providing vital information on parenting, children’s health and safety, we each strengthen our commitment to your child’s early years learning.

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