Great Beginnings Pakenham-Free Babysitting Movie Evening

Written by Rebecca Bradshaw, Centre Manager 

Recently, Great Beginnings Pakenham had a wonderful, fun-filled night giving back to our families and the community.

We recognise the hard work our parents do to provide for their children each and every day.  So, we thought what better way to show our appreciation than to give our parents the evening off. In addition, we were happy to offer this free of charge by volunteering our time!

We provided a ‘Babysitting Movie Night’ where our families could bring their children in to our service from 6.30pm to 10.00pm on Friday 18th August. This included dinner, snacks and 2 movies shown for the night. We even all got up and had a dance to the music from the movie ‘Trolls’.

We are lucky enough to have a room at Great Beginnings Pakenham we call our ‘children’s gym’. This is used to promote daily physical engagement within our program and provided the perfect space to hold our event.

Being a large centre, we had 94 children attend, giving our families time off from the every day struggles we all face.

Our babies on the night had their own fun in the Nursery 1 room. They engaged in activities, had a dance, and when it became time, they slept in their already familiar beds/cots. This way, our babies were well-rested and in routine ready for their mums and dads to pick them up.

It was fantastic to see the children arrive in their PJ’s and parents dressed up ready for a child free evening. Some parents even went back home to just relax in a quiet environment.

We also provided this evening to all younger and older siblings of the children that attend our service. This meant that if a family from our service had a primary aged child, they too could attend our evening. This gave more opportunity to our families to be ‘child free’ for the night.

We recognise that in this day and age some families do not get to re- coup and have time to themselves. This could be for many reasons, such as having no family close by, having moved to a new area or the struggling to trust a babysitter.

However, our families trust us to ensure quality care during the day. So what better way than to extend this trust by providing an evening for our parents to unwind 3 and half hours without the worry associated with leaving their children. .

Our local Winery D’Angelo’s Vineyard Estate Officer offered to assist our families also by providing a buy one meal, receive one meal free for all of our families attending our ‘Babysitting evening’ to ensure our families take time out for themselves. Thank you D’Angelo’s for supporting our Community.

Our children had so much fun and it brought tears to our educators eyes to see such appreciation from families but to also be able to engage on a different level with our children.

Giving back to our families is important to us.Giving a helping hand to our families and our Community is something we pride ourselves on and we will definitely be holding another event like this next term.

Thank you to our wonderful educators for showing passion, integrity and compassion towards this wonderful experience.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents and children that attended this night. It was our pleasure ensuring you had a night off and we look forward to being able to gift this to you again.

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