Monthly Archives: November 2016

Oran Park’s School Visit

The children from Great Beginnings Oran Park Preschool room visited the Kindergarten class at our local primary school. The children were excited and looked forward to this visit the whole week. We got on the bus and put on our seat belts. Once we arrived at school one of the Kindergarten teachers met us at […]


Colour Changing Chameleon

Paper plates + water colours + googly eyes + a little imagination = a colourful afternoon craft activity! The possibilities are endless with this month’s craft, but our favourite in the colour changing chameleon! Materials Paper plates Water colour paints Googly eyes Paint brushes Pencil Scissors or craft knife Paper fasteners Method Take one paper […]


Frozen Fruit Skewers

The kids will be coming back for more of these frosty delicious fruit treats! This is a great way for the kids to eat more fruit and to help develop their fine motor skills in the kitchen. Ingredients Punnet of Strawberries 2 small Oranges 1 x bunch small grapes (can be red or green) Wooden […]