A special Doctor visit at Applecross!

In the Kindy Room at Great Beginnings Applecross, we have been learning about different occupations including Doctors. Recently we had a very special visitor who was one of our Kindy friend’s fathers who came in and spoke to us about his occupation.


This is how the discussion began:


Dr Adam: Good morning everybody


Kindies and Toddlers: Morning.


Dr Adam: I’m Gabriel’s Daddy and can anyone guess what I am?


All the children shouted: A Doctor.


Dr Adam: Well done. I’m a Doctor. Does anyone know what a Doctor does?


Liam: They fix people.


Dr Adam: That’s right they fix people.


Chiara: You fix somebody’s heart.


Dr Adam: Well I fix little kiddies. I fix lots of little kiddies. There are lots of different doctors in this world. Can anyone tell me what Doctors do? Do they fix big people, small people?


Harvey: Big people. Small people.


Dr Adam: How about boys or girls?


Bailey: Boys


Ayla: Girls.


Dr Adam: That’s right. They fix all types of people. I fix little kids. I fix little little kids, just like all of you.


Ayla: And babies.


Dr Adam: And babies. I specialise in tiny babies. That’s right and that’s what I do. Do you know what I have to do every morning when I get up. I go into work and I see which babies are sick and help them.


Dr Adam: I use this (points to stethoscope) to check the babies heart and lungs. Has anyone been to the Doctor before? (All the Kindies and Toddlers put their hands up.) Everybody, well done. Did you like the Doctor?


Dr Adam: Was the Doctor nice? Who was scared of the Doctor? (All the Kindies and Toddlers put their hand up.) All of you were scared of the Doctor? Oh no. Why were you scared of the Doctor? Were they mean? Doctors are not mean. When they come up to you they want to check your heart and make sure everything is ok. So you don’t have to be scared of the Doctor. Are you scared they will hurt you?


Chiara: Yeah.


Dr Adam: No. Doctors don’t hurt people, they fix people. So the Doctor is good then. The Doctor helped you. So what do you think this does (shows the stethoscope)


Chiara: Checks your heart.


Dr Adam: Checks your heart. Do you know what it’s called?


Ayla: Stethoscope. I have a pretend one at my house.



Gabriel’s Dad went on to let everyone have a turn with the stethoscope or the blood pressure cuff. At the end he let all of us have a special Sesame Street band-aid for our “owies.”

We would like to thank Dr Adam for his time spent talking to the children here at Great Beginnings Applecross.

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