Australia Day celebrations at Bentley

To acknowledge Australia Day, we welcomed “Kookaburra Man” to Great Beginnings Bentley. We watched and listened in awe as he created music based on various Australian animals, using the didgeridoo.


We heard the Kangaroo, Emu and Kookaburra. “Wow, he’s amazing” said Kelsey at the end of his performance.

The Kookaburra Man talked about culturally appropriate ways we can enjoy the indigenous traditions.

As a group we discussed what we thought “Kookaburra Man’s” didgeridoo was made from. We learned that he had made it from wood. We also discussed the beautiful ornate details and colours on his didgeridoo as well as the coloured patterns and hand prints on his body.

As part of our lunch time mat session, we asked ourselves the name of the country in which we live. “I live in Australia” said Harry. When asked if he thinks we all live in Australia, he replied “Yes we all live in Australia together”. We found Australia on the globe and discussed the various animals we can find there. “Look, it’s a kangaroo” said Elijah while Kelsey was excited to find the koala. 

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