Getting your child ready for the next step

Throughout your child’s early year’s journey, you will have seen so many exciting milestones achieved already. Sending your child off to ‘big’ school can be a daunting task. Everything your child has learned so far has prepared them to continue on their learning journey. A Kindergarten or Preschool program will further provide your child with the confidence and skills needed to best prepare them for school and beyond.

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Our Kindergarten and Preschool programs are taught by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers and qualified educators, who offer a range of programs and learning skills to support your child’s transition to school. All Early Childhood settings follow the National Early Years Framework and work very closely on your child’s interests and strengths to encourage a rewarding year ahead. We regard our Kindergarten and Preschool programs to be of high quality where your child’s best interests are considered to create a healthy and enjoyable educational experience.

In some locations the Kindergarten and Preschool program students visit the local primary school and spend a day with the current prep students. This exposes your child to the format of Prep. Wearing a uniform, having a school bag and lunch box can be an adjustment for your child, we introduce ‘lunchbox learning’, where your child has the opportunity to bring a packed lunch and to experience responsibility for their belongings. Children learn to peel banana skins, unwrap food packaging, opening and closing of containers and what to eat for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our curriculum provides the foundation for our program, and our teaching contexts ensure that we are able to deliver high quality developmental outcomes. We are then able to supplement these with a range of extracurricular activities designed to broaden your child’s experience ahead of that all-important transition to formal schooling.

We recognise the importance of innovative and responsive programs and teaching tools that best support your child’s learning. Our Kindergarten and Preschool teachers specifically adapt their environments to enhance your child’s learning experience in every way possible.

Next month we explain how you as a parent can assist your child in preparing them for school with the assistance of a Kindergarten and Preschool program.

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